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I question
what customers currently do

I question the status quo.  Are there better ways to save you time?  Are there new processes that can increase staff efficiency.

I architect
new scalable solutions

All solutions are designed with the future in mind.  Scalable solutions that will grow as your business grows.

I implement
these solutions

I’ll take the solution from an idea to completion. Implementation, project management, testing, training.  I’ll do it all so your staff can focus on their work.

I measure
the results of those solutions

Want to ensure you get a good return on investment?  I measure all solutions so you can see the results and benefits over time.

Helping small businesses run efficiently
to maximise profit and growth



Lez Yeoh comes with over 10 years experience working with SMEs to solve the problems they face.  Lez Yeoh has consulted and architected solutions for over 100 businesses.

Strategy & Technology

With an MBA from Melbourne Business School, Lez has the unique skillset of being able to understand what businesses are trying to achieve strategically and align technical solutions to meet those needs.

Developer and Coder

Lez has the ability to not only understand high level business strategy, but also can develop and code custom automated solutions.  He has built integrations in over 50 different systems and even developed APIs from scratch.

Lifting the burden. Through automation

I question
what customers currently do.

I architect
new scalable solutions for them.

I implement
these solutions

I measure
the impact/outcome of those solutions


Saving businesses time and money
by making staff more efficient.

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